Rector’s Report, 2012

Rector`s Report   2012

In hearing the voice of the Old Testament prophet, Isaiah, we hear words of encouragement, as if he was speaking to us today:

Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine.  …you        are precious in my sight, and honoured, and I love you…..I will bring your offspring          from the east, and from the west I will gather you; I will say to the north, ‘Give them     up,” and to the south, “Do not withhold; bring my sons from far away and my       daughters from the end of the earth – everyone who is called by my name, whom I         created for my glory, whom I formed and made.”  Isaiah 43 – selected verses

I will gather you, I will bring you from afar, I will love you and will bring you together.  Isaiah spoke these words of God to the exiles of Israel, words of hope and encouragement to the scattered people that they were still the people of God, God was watching over them and gathering them together.  The time of exile and fear was over; it was time to come home.

These words could have been addressed to the people in our parishes.  Parishes who had been distant from each other, our two Parishes, although the closest of neighbours in distance, remained far apart in worship and community.  Until we were brought into the light, until we began to learn of God’s Spirit working amongst us, gathering us together.

Highlights of this year include:

  • the selling of the Ship Harbour Rectory
  • an agreement with the Diocese of NS & PEI, Parish Relations Sub Committee and both Parishes to covenant to pay our budgets in full for 3 years, to read this covenant at Parish Annual meetings so that our allotment arrears will be forgiven.  We are now in year three of this agreement.
  • in Musquodoboit, a new layreader – Dail Mills and new Eucharistic Minister – Debbie Mills
  • in Ship Harbour, a new Eucharistic Minister – Lynn Willett
  • in Musquodoboit, we now have Servers – Bradley Kent, Zachary Smith, Ethan Smith, Clarice Bowser – how exciting!
  • our two Parishes were led in a Visioning Day with Archdeacon Paul Smith, Dean of the Cathedral.  We will continue our visioning in 2013 with members of each Parish who have agreed to continue this process.  Thank you.
  • two spirit-filled Shared Ministry Sundays, June 24, a family service and picnic at Webber’s Campground, Upper Lakeville; and on September 23, a welcome back Sunday service and luncheon –both services were well attended, and all had a super time together
  • on-going improvements to our beautiful church buildings and hall
  • happy treasurers who are not worried about how to meet our expenses, thank you to everyone for your generosity
  • a shared Lenten Bible study; and a shared Bible Study led by Rev. Mike taking us into a deeper understanding of the Gospel of St. John
  • Our musical groups, the Steeple Chasers, Ship Harbour, the Parish People, Musquodoboit and the Youth musical group have not only led music during our regular Sunday services, they have come together several times to lead wonderful music in our Parishes and participate in Ecumenical events in the community.
  • Members of our Parishes have been attending services in each others’ churches, and we have been going to fund raising events in both Parishes.  It is truly wonderful to see such a sense of community continuing to develop.

Thank Yous:

-        to Rev. Marilyn and Rev. Mike for the great team we have formed in this ‘shared ministry’.  It is a joy to work with you both.

-       to the Layreaders of both Parishes:  Jane Doane, Catherine Gordon, Darryl Faulkner and Dail Mills (new) of Musquodoboit and Pat Fahie, Eileen Humphrey, Eleanor Keeping and Diane Russell.

-       to the Sunday School teachers:  Christine Mitchell and Eleanor Keeping, Ship Harbour and Betty Boutilier and Crystal Kent of Musquodoboit.  Your leadership and compassion towards our children engages them and keeps them involved.

-       to our music teams:  to the Steeple Chasers, the Parish People and the Youth Music of Musquodoboit.  What a musical adventure we continue to travel together!

-       to the Spiritual Development team of layreaders, Sunday School teachers, and music leaders for creatively crafting our worship schedule, seasonal themes, special services and especially our joint services.

-       to our church leadership, the Parish and Church Wardens who take such loving care of our aging buildings, maintaining them beautifully.  To the Members of our Parish Councils who faithfully meet each month to discuss and plan the business of the church.  And a special thank you to all who serve on ‘shared ministry’ committees.  You have seen us through this first year of our adventure and will continue to guide us through 2013.

-       to my husband, Dave, who supports and travels with me in this journey.


May we hear the words of the prophet Isaiah, telling us of God’s love and encouragement to us, and may we continue to gather from the east, the west, the north and the south, so that God’s blessings be abundant and ever flowing in 2013,






Rev. Tricia Ingram, Rector

Shared Ministry of the Anglican Parishes of Ship Harbour and Musquodoboit




NSOM Reports


I thank God daily that I have been graced with being a part of the beautiful shared ministry in the Parishes of Musquodoboit and Ship Harbour. Our two parishes have come together during happy times and sad times in a true spirit of communion and I personally draw strength from those who are a part of this special community. Reverend Tricia was the wind beneath my wings eight years ago as she was the gentle nudge I needed to continue my ordination journey, one I started at Kings College forty-three years ago, but then took a rather circuitous route until finally landing where I belonged two years ago. I have learned that God is patient. As we moved together in 2013, how will our shared ministry continue to grow and take shape in ways we would never have dreamed? How will we grow and be instruments of God’s peace? How will we reach out to the faithful members of our churches who are no longer able to attend their house of worship which means everything to them? How will we reach those in our communities who need to forget the God they do not believe in and meet the God who believes in them?  I enter 2013 in eager anticipation of how the dance of the Holy Spirit will be unveiled in our shared ministry.


Rev. Mike Foley, Assistant Priest

Parishes of Musquodoboit and Ship Harbour




As one of the NSOM priests in our shared ministry, it is amazing and humbling to realize that no matter which church I am celebrating in, I am received in such a warm and welcoming way by all. Working with a ministry team of Clergy, Lay Readers, Eucharistic Ministers and Servers, whose dedication and spirituality makes everything we do feel so rewarding. I continue to visit and share Communion with parishioners in the hospital and some of the residents of Forest Glen Seniors Apartment. I want to thank Betty-Anne Gaetz and Pat and Carolyn for their music ministry during these visits. Even though we are still two separate Parishes, our shared services show us that we are one in the spirit. Thank you to all of you for your continued support and guidance in my ministry and especially to Rev. Tricia and Rev. Mike who are my inspiration, my mentors and my guides in all I do.


Rev. Marilyn Murphy, Assistant Priest

Parishes of Musquodoboit and Ship Harbour





Rector, Shared Ministry of the Anglican Parishes of Ship Harbour and Musquodoboit

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